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3.8 million square miles. 325 million people. One delicious nation.

American Eats is dedicated to drooling, chomping and chewing our way through the country’s best restaurants. Whether it’s a look at Chicago’s most delightful Deep Dish ‘za, the most chomp-worthy cheesesteak in Philly or the Best Mexican meal in Dallas, our articles break down the best in some of the USA’s best urban areas. And it’s not just the regional staples either – we’re checking out Denver’s best Jamaican restaurants, Chicago’s best BBQ, and Dallas’ most mouthwatering Italian to name a few!

We also dig into the stories behind some of these restaurants – focusing on things like DC’s best black owned restaurants, the chefs behind Chicago’s Michelin starred spots, and more! Check out our coverage of Chicago, Philadelphia, Denver, Dallas, Boston, Charlotte, Charleston, Tampa, Nashville, Miami/Ft Lauderdale, Denver, Phoenix, Seattle, San Diego and Washington, DC – and many other cities to come! Join us on our savory sojourn across the country and let us know where you think we should head to next by visiting us on social – on Instagram, Facebook and on Twitter.

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