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The Top Restaurants in Chicago, IL

The Perch
Girl and the Goat
Jack's Wicker Park
Etta's - Bucktown
Bar Mar by José Andrés
The Purple Pig
MCCB Chicago
Qing Xiang Yuan Dumplings
The Whale
Ciccio Mio
Maple & Ash
La Nonna
Pinched on the River
Au Cheval
Giant Chicago
cheese curds from the perch in chicago
The Perch
grilled asparagus from the girl and the goat in chicago
Girl and the Goat
baked mac and cheese from jack wicker park in chicago
Jack's Wicker Park
crab PO boy from bar mar by jose andres in chicago
Bar Mar by José Andrés
fried pig ears with kale from purple pig in chicago
The Purple Pig
veggie noodles from mccb chicago
MCCB Chicago
bbq meat from penumbra in chicago
dumplings from qing xiang yuan dumplings in chicago
Qing Xiang Yuan Dumplings
crab cake from the whale chicago
The Whale
pasta with vodka sauce from ciccio mio in chicago
Ciccio Mio
ravioli topped with grilled chicken from dearborn chicago
steak from maple and ash in chicago
Maple & Ash
sandwich and fries from la nonna in chicago
La Nonna
salads and protein bowls from pinched on the river in chicago
Pinched on the River
french toast soaked in syrup from avec chicago
cheeseburger and a cold glass of beer from au cheval in chicago
Au Cheval
an assortment of dishes from giant in chicago
Giant Chicago
french toast from amaru in chicago
okonomiyaki from gaijin in chicago

They call it the Second City but in Chicago, the food is First Class. Of course, we all love the Windy City classics, but with all of those planes coming in and out of O’Hare, you know Chicago’s an incredibly international city, too. Folks from all over the world follow the winds to the shores of Lake Michigan and bring mouthwatering flavors from Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Latin American and more.  We won’t lie to you, it does get cold there, but it makes those summer months that much sweeter – and the vibes at rooftop bars and outdoor seating restaurants that much better.  Plus, they have plenty of fun during the cold months too, thanks to world-class food halls, some of the best sports on the planet, and the most charming neighborhoods in the country.  

Let’s start with what everyone knows about Chi-Town – the Deep Dish Pizza is epic.  Whether it’s Malnati’s or Giordano’s, the Chicago Deep Dish pizza is a one-of-a-kind, unique bit of culinary artistry, brought to the city by Neapolitan immigrants at the turn of 20th century.  We do our best to weigh in on what’s the best between the classics and new up and comers.  Plus, the influx of Italian immigrants to Chicago at this time brought about another classic meal the town is known for – The Italian Beef Sandwich.  With access to cheap, tougher cuts of meat thanks to the City’s thriving meatpacking business, these immigrants would slowly braise them in a flavorful, spicy broth and place them atop freshly baked Italian bread.  Now, there are literally dozens of Italian Beef restaurants around the Chicagoland area. 

The Windy City isn’t the only thing that’ll knock you off your feet, the delicious food will do the same. If you’re in Chicago and need somewhere to grab a bite, listed are the Top 20 Restaurants in Chicago, IL.

The Perch |

1. The Perch

1932 W Division St | Chicago, IL 60622

A classic American dining spot will always do it to you! Offering a seasonal menu with exclusive beers always brewing, The Perch is a full service restaurant and bar where you can kick back, eat good, and drink what you desire. Come each season for a different experience every time, you won’t get tired of it! 


The Girl and The Goat |

2. Girl and The Goat

809 W Randolph St | Chicago, IL 60607

With a motto of serving bold and global flavors, everyone has a chance to explore their cravings on an International level! The Girl and the Goat always strives to make each diner feel like family with their welcoming environment and comforting energy. Come try their seasonal flavors, you won’t know what to pick! 


Jack’s Wicker Park | Photo:

3. Jack’s Wicker Park

2056 W Division St | Chicago, IL 60622

Everyone loves a classic French cuisine, especially when it is family owned. With their food being high quality yet approachable, this allows each visitor to feel comforted in the restaurant’s atmosphere. Occasional live music, French dining, outdoor cocktail area, what could make the environment more perfect? 


Etta’s Bucktown | Photo:

4. Etta – Bucktown

1840 W North Ave | Chicago, IL 60622

Wood-fired dishes, a relaxed environment, and on top of that, the food is affordable! Seasonally crafted menus offer year-round deliciousness, with an attention to each detail for the highest quality. Their home-inspired layout makes you feel like you’re in your own home, it doesn’t get better than this!


Bar Mar by Jose Andres | Photo:

5. Bar Mar by Jose Andres

120 N Upper Wacker Dr | Chicago, IL 60606

Bar Mar not only offers extraordinary cuisines, but eating here is a whole experience as well. Creativity is a big factor here, and you see it in their dishes! Sophisticated plates mixed with vibrance, it’s the perfect balance. You won’t find a more unique restaurant, so go explore!


Purple Pig | Photo:

6. The Purple Pig

444 Michigan Ave | Chicago, IL 60611

Bringing Mediterranean to the Windy City, The Purple Pig offers “Cheese, Swine, and Wine”. With an open layout, this gives diners the chance to feel comfortable and have the space to dine as they please. Check out their wine selection too, it’s impressive!


MCCB Chicago | Photo:

7. MCCB Chicago

2138 S Archer Ave | Chicago, IL 60616

Known as the most authentic Chinese food in the city, MCCB Chicago strives to offer the highest of quality always. Whether you’re getting the daily special or any of their signature dishes, you’ll leave nothing less than satisfied. Ready to eat?


Penumbra | Photo:

8. Penumbra

3309 W Fullerton Ave | Chicago, IL 60647

Ambiance is everything, and Penumbra brings it all to the table. This top tier Steak and Seafood restaurant offers the best of the best. Latin influence means Romance is on the menu, so pick a date and come on over! 


Qing Xiang Yuan Dumplings | Photo:

9. Qing Xiang Yuan Dumplings

2002 S Wentworth Ave #103 | Chicago, IL 60616

Dumplings galore, literally! Qing Xiang Yuan Dumplings offers the best dumplings in the Windy City, and they even have a dumpling making class. The fun never stops, and neither does the flavor. Which dumplings are catching your eye?


The Whale | Photo:

10. The Whale Chicago

2427 N Milwaukee Ave | Chicago, IL 60647

Glam isn’t the only thing on the menu, but it sure is prominent! American dining inspired by gambling sounds like an interesting destination, so this is a must to try. While the restaurant interior is beautiful, they also have outdoor dining accompanied by an outdoor bar! Time to place a bet on who gets there first… 


Ciccio Mio | Photo:

11. Ciccio Mio

226 W Kinzie St | Chicago, IL 60654

Italian food is always a mood, especially when it’s at Ciccio Mio. While the lights are low, the cravings are high. Whether you’re coming for their dinner menu, a cup of coffee, a long list of wine, or just for the ambiance, there’s no way to leave disappointed! 


Dearborn | Photo:

12. Dearborn

145 N Dearborn St | Chicago, IL 60602

Surrounded by destinations such as the theatre, museums, high end companies, and more, there isn’t anyone you won’t find at Dearborn. Whether it’s before a show, after work, or just a casual evening, the vibes are there to spare. Looking for an American dish or a pretty cocktail? They got you covered!


Maple and Ash | Photo:

13. Maple & Ash

8 W Maple St | Chicago, IL 60610

Martinis, Menus, and more! Maple & Ash not only offers Steak, but a whole Steakhouse experience. Steak and seafood sound scrumptious, but take a look at their wine list as well. I mean seriously, all our boxes are checked off!


La Nonna | Photo:

14. La Nonna

3400 N Lawndale Ave | Chicago, IL 60618

Every corner needs a neighborhood Italian spot, and this corner has the best one. Offering Italian cuisine with an inspiration from Argentina, it’s the best of both worlds. A place for people to come together and eat good food, the entire menu is homemade. That being said, make yourself at home!


Pinched On The River | Photo:

15. Pinched on The River

443 E Illinois St | Chicago, IL 60611

Mediterranean is on the menu, but so are the amazing views! Not only do you get to enjoy the food in front of you, but the river in front of the terrace as well. Whether you’re just there for the food or the entire experience, Pinched on the River will have you leaving relaxed and full. 


16. Avec

615 W Randolph St | Chicago, IL 60661

Known as a Chicago favorite, this is where “Mediterranean meets the Midwest”. With their comfortable seating making you feel like you’re at home, you won’t ever leave! While the food is a hit, check out Bar Avec as well! Time for a good time!


Au Cheval | Photo:

17. Au Cheval

800 W Randolph St | Chicago, IL 60607

First come, first serve, so snatch a seat at this traditional diner. As a signature diner, you’ll find all of your favorite comfort foods that you’re craving. There’s a passion for eggs, so breakfast for dinner anyone? This classic neighborhood spot is waiting for you!


Giant | Photo:

18. Giant

3209 W Armitage Ave | Chicago, IL 60647

Looking for a seasonal menu with American dishes that are not only pretty to look at, but also delicious?! Giant strives to make the dining experience just that, an experience! Their plates may be simple, but they don’t lack authenticity. Wine, cocktails, food, and funk! 


Amaru | Photo:

19. Amaru

1904 W North Ave | Chicago, IL 60622

Are we in the tropics or Chicago? You may not be able to tell the difference at Amaru. With Latin American and Caribbean influence, their meals are nothing less than exotic. While you’re at it, try one of their tropical cocktails for a good time! 


Gaijin | Photo:

20. Gaijin

950 W Lake St | Chicago, IL 60607

As Chicago’s first Okonomiyaki restaurant, there’s plenty to try at Gaijin. With their known Japanese savory pancakes, exquisite desert menu, and even highballs at the bar, their goal is to provide a lively and interactive eating experience for everyone. Let’s try something new!