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Where To Get The Best Deep Dish Pizza In Chicago

Burt’s Place
The Art of Pizza
My Pi Pizza
Lou Malnati’s
Pizzeria Uno
Nancy’s Pizzeria
Burt’s Place
The Art of Pizza
My Pi Pizza
Lou Malnati’s
deep dish from giordanos in Chicago, il
Pizzeria Uno
Nancy’s Pizzeria

When you’re in the windy city, there’s no shortage of places to get fabulous deep dish around town. However, there are a few spots that stand out above the rest. Deep dish pizza in Chicago is unapologetically excessive: We like our crust buttery, our sauce chunky and our thick pies oozing with fresh mozzarella. And throw some sausage in the mix while you’re at it, will ya? Though most locals will turn their noses up at the city’s most notorious ‘za, we all secretly crave it every once in a while, and the tourists can’t get enough! Check out our list of where to get the best deep dish pizza in Chicago. 

an iconic deep dish pizza, on our guide of Best Deep Dish Pizza In Chicago


1. Burt’s Place

8541 Ferris Ave, Morton Grove, IL 60053
(847) 965-7997

Burt’s Place is a classic stop for deep dish in Chicago. Not only do they have tons of options for your pizza like four different pan sizes and 10+ toppings, but they have tons of apps to keep you happy while you wait on your pizza. Try their mozzarella sticks, onion rings, or Mac and cheese, or better yet, get the sampler so you can try your choice of three apps. You’re gonna love the family vibe here almost as much as you love the food. Be sure to end the meal off with a cannoli!  


close-up of a pizza at Burts Pizzas, as part of our Best Deep Dish Pizza In Chicago guide

2. Bartoli’s

1955 W Addison St, Chicago, IL 60613
(773) 248-0455

Bartoli’s owner Brian Tondryk comes from an esteemed family of pizza experts. His grandfather, Fred Bartoli, a WWII veteran, was a founder of Gino’s East, after successfully operating a taxi company, so it’s no surprise that Tondryk’s recipe produces remarkable pies with light, flaky crust and layers of mild mozzarella and sweet red sauce. There are several versions to choose from, but Nonna Bartoli’s special spinach and cheese pizza is a standout. The hidden secret to Bartoli’s serving such a mean za’ is that there is no hidden secret. They simply source the very best local ingredients and handle them with love and care to yield the perfect product.


a Bartoli's pizza featured in our Best Deep Dish Pizza In Chicago list

3. The Art of Pizza

3033 N Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 327-5600

Tackling an entire pan pizza is sometimes a daunting challenge. Fortunately, this Lakeview favorite is a rare restaurant that sells it by the slice. The Art of Pizza’s flaky crusts hold bright tomato sauce and mounds of Wisconsin cheese, and they’re available in stuffed form, too. They’re not only perfect for a single customer to grab a slice to-go, but for bigger parties as well. The Art of Pizza even has a vast catering menu, including salads, chicken wings, pasta, and even BBQ ribs. 


a well fired pepperoni deep dish from the Art of Pizza

4. Pequod’s

2207 N Clybourn Ave, Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 327-1512

Regarded as an essential Chicago restaurant, Pequod’s sets itself apart with a caramelized crust. The airy dough is baked alongside a thin layer of cheese, resulting in crispy edges that have subtle flavor and a bit of chewiness. It serves as the perfect base for toppings including sausage, Italian beef, meatballs, giardiniera, and more. Individual-sized pan pizzas are also available for those dining solo or just not wanting as much food. 


a close up of a deep dish pizza from Pequods, on our Best Deep Dish Pizza In Chicago list

5. My Pi Pizza

2010 N Damen Ave, Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 394-6900

Located in a Bucktown strip mall, My Pi slings dependable pizzas that rank up there with the city’s best. My Pi has been serving ecstatic since 1971, though its original owner has been in the pizza business since the 1950s. Decades of practice makes perfect! The light and crispy crust is covered in Wisconsin cheese and sweet sauce with large chunks of San Marzano tomatoes. Not only is the pizza fantastic, but they even offer an entire vegan menu, so plant-based pizza freaks can still enjoy a delightful meal.


cheese pull of pizza from Lou malnatis in Chicago, IL

6. Lou Malnati’s

439 N Wells St, Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 828-9800

Chicago’s most ubiquitous pizza chain is also among one of the finest. Opened in 1971, Lou Malnati’s has helped spread the popularity of deep dish across the city and the Malnati family is purported to have participated in the invention of the dish. Today, 50 locations later and in 4 states, the signature “Malnati Chicago Classic” — sausage, cheese, and tomato sauce on buttercrust — continues to set the standard for an excellent pie. While the pizza is always the move, they also have other favorites like Fried Calamari, Three Cheese Bread, and Toasted Cheddar Cubes to enjoy while you wait on your pie.



deep dish from giordanos in Chicago, il

7. Giordano’s

223 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL 60606
(312) 583-9400

Giordano’s has been serving up hot, fresh deep dish for 40+ years and people just can’t get enough of it. This is a cozy, family friendly spot that is known for serving some dang good pizza. While you wait on your deep dish, start off with some cheesy garlic bread or some mozzarella triangles. When it comes to pizza, they’ve got all different kinds to satisfy everyone at the table. We tried the Chicago classic deep dish with pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers and onions. This bad boy came out smoking hot and the cheese pull on this thing was out of this world. When you’re in the mood for some deep dish, make sure Giordano’s is on your list. 


pepperoni and sausage deep dish from pizzeria uno in Chicago, il

8. Pizzeria Uno

29 E Ohio St, Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 321-1000

The spot that started it all back in 1943 is still one of the biggest attractions in River North. Founders Ike Sewell and Ric Riccardo are credited with creating the deep dish pizza and their famous restaurant churns out options such as the “Numero Uno” — sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, and green peppers — to hungry tourists and Chicagoans alike. Pizzeria Uno was such a smash sensation that, rather than simply expanding, they opened up Pizzeria Due across the street. Different building, different name, same fantastic pizza.


sausage deep dish pizza from Labriola in Chicago, IL

9. Labriola

535 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 955-3100

The Magnificent Mile is full of tourist traps, but this Italian restaurant is a notable exception. Its deep dish features a caramelized, focaccia-like crust that’s crispy on the edges while light and fluffy on the inside. The pies are finished with sharp mozzarella and chunky sauce, and the best-selling combination — “Danny’s Special” — adds fennel sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, and onions into the mix. Labriola has a strong cocktail selection as well. Get a twist on an Italian classic with the Limoncello Slushie with mint syrup, or enjoy a pick-me-up with an Espresso Martini.


deep dish cheese pizza from Nancys pizza in Chicago, il

10. Nancy’s Pizzeria

1000 W Washington Blvd, Chicago, IL 60607
(312) 733-9920

Though it originated at Guy’s Pizza in Hermosa, stuffed pizza is commonly associated with this local chain. That’s because Annunziata Palese, aka “Nancy,” helped create the style before opening the first Nancy’s in Harwood Heights in 1973. They put it perfectly: they combine the rebellious spirit of the 1970s with centuries-old Italian traditions to yield something completely unique. Each pie is two-and-a-half inches tall and packed with tons of cheese, sauce, toppings, and two layers of dough. Folks can customize their own ingredients or opt for one of the specials such as the “Chicago Beef” (Italian beef, giardiniera, green peppers). What’s a better Chicago treat than combining two of its prized foods?


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Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on October 30, 2020 and last updated on December 16, 2022. Please refer to restaurant websites and social media pages for the most up-to-date information.