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12 Rooftop Restaurants in Nashville With Stunning Views

Nashville is home to good country music, champion sports teams like the Nashville Predators and Tennessee Titans, and killer chicken wings. The city is also home for some stunning views, best enjoyed on higher ground with a meal or drink. Here are some notable rooftop restaurants in Nashville you must try.

Inside at Lowry Parade & Tavern in Tampa

Cheap (But Fun!) Date Night Ideas in Tampa, FL

Sultry, sunny Tampa has plenty of beaches and gorgeous restaurants. But if you and your date are looking for a little inspiration for somewhere fun to go that won’t break the bank, check out our list of cheap but fun date night spots that you and your sweetie are sure to love.

New York City

Where To Eat When You Have the Munchies in NYC

Whether you’re walking down the street, trapped in an overcrowded subway car or simply working with your window open, there is a new, official fragrance of New York City.  No, it’s not the trash or questionably steaming subway grates – it is the scent of now legal recreational marijuana. We’ve identified the best munchies, all conveniently located near NYC dispensaries, to satisfy even the biggest stoner’s cravings. So sit back, light up, and enjoy!

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10 Scenic Rooftop Restaurants in Charlotte

Charlotte’s continuous growth and ever-changing skyline means more rooftops to dine and drink on! There’s now plenty of charming places for rooftop brews and swanky lounges. So which are the best rooftop restaurants in Charlotte? Continue reading to find all the very best elevated rooftop bars in Charlotte that are totally worth a visit! 

Fourth Street Live in Louisville, KY

Unmissable Food Halls in Louisville, KY

Food halls have been around for years now, though they seem to be recently be making quite the splash in Louisville. Dining at various food halls can be a great way to explore a collection of smaller restaurant concepts, as well as find something everyone likes if you’re in a group of picky eaters! Eat at one or taste from them all–there’s no wrong way to dine! If you know you’re in the mood for some good food but not sure what kind, check out our list for great food halls in Louisville, KY. 


The Most Instagram Worthy Restaurants in Chicago 📸

Chicago is a major food city. There are always new places to go! And there’s plenty of beautiful spots that are totally worthy of the ‘gram. It’s the combination of the decoration, lighting, and a perfectly presented plate that make a restaurant totally instagrammable. Here’s our  list of the most Instagram-worthy and stunning restaurants in Chicago.

Foie Gras Danish from Kasama

Must Try Michelin Star Restaurants in Chicago, IL

When you want the ultimate culinary experience in Chicago, the coveted Michelin star should certainly serve as a guiding point.  This extremely elusive awards identifies the highest of standards for both food and presentation. We’ve compiled for you a list of the finest restaurants in Chicago–all of which have received at least one Michelin star. Check out this post to read about some of our favorite restaurants with Michelin stars in Chicago, IL. 


Where To Find Sensational Soul Food Restaurants in Philadelphia

No matter where you live, there is no escaping the urge to occasionally partake in some delicious soul food. Even Philadelphia natives occasionally put down their cheesesteaks to enjoy some southern comfort. The City of Brotherly Love offers dozens of soul food restaurants, so we are here to provide some clarity. Here are the 12 best soul food restaurants in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Top 11 Best Breweries in Denver, CO

Denver is a city known for its vast mountainous beauty, its charming and open-minded citizens, and legal weed. But did you know that Denver has some of the finest local breweries in the entire nation? So far, we’ve covered the best breweries Tampa, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Dallas. Now it’s time to unveil our picks for the Best Breweries in Denver, CO.


The Best Pizza Restaurants in America – One From Every State!

How many of you guys love pizza? We’ll bet our bottom dollar dollar most of you do. Have you ever sat and wondered, perhaps when you were feeling particularly ravenous, where you could find the very best slice of ‘za?  Well, our team of editors have done the research and we give you, the Top 25 Best Pizza Restaurants in America. Chances are, there’s one within driving distance of you. We’ve focused not on pizza that’s not just critically acclaimed, but beloved by customers.  It’s highly recommended that you try one–immediately!


The Best Cuban Sandwiches in Tampa

When you’re in Tampa, you’ll likely want to check out some of the enticing restaurants the city has to offer. Tampa is a city that is rich in culture, so it’s easy to find Italian, Latin, and Caribbean food. Cuban food is also popular in the city, so here are a few places to find some of the best Cuban sandwiches in Tampa.


The Best Black Owned Restaurants in Dallas, TX

The blacked owned restaurant scene in Dallas is absolutely delicious with incredible selections throughout the city. Here are just a few of the options if you’re looking to dine in a Black-owned restaurant.

Washington, DC

The 10 Best Burgers in Washington DC

Beef, Bread, Cheese and whatever your heart desires – it’s the American Way! What better place to discover this American culinary classic than in our nation’s capital. Check out our list of some of the beefiest, juiciest, most mouthwatering burgers in the District.

cocktail from pushing daises in nashville, tn

The Essential Guide to Speakeasies in Nashville, TN

You’ll never struggle to find someplace to grab a drink in Nashville. However, sometimes you may want to go somewhere different… somewhere more exclusive… somewhere that’s maybe even hidden and requires a password, perhaps? While prohibition is long behind us, speakeasies have been making a return to modern-day cocktail culture. Just because you don’t need to hide from the law to have a drink doesn’t mean that going out for one can’t be an experience, and Nashville is a city full of experiences. So let’s get our secret passwords ready and dive into the best speakeasies in Nashville.

ramen dishes from strings ramen in chicago, il

10 Incredible AAPI Owned Restaurants in Chicago, IL

Chicago is a city with a rich cultural and culinary history, and its AAPI-owned restaurants are no exception. From Chinese to Filipino, Vietnamese to Korean, these restaurants serve up some of the most delicious and authentic food in the city. We’ve hit the streets to curate a list of 10 delicious Asian-owned restaurants in Chicago. 

A breakfast sandwich sliced in half and facing the camera, each half topped with fried egg, white cheese, and bacon

11 Must Try Brunch Spots in Charleston, SC

Let’s be real, brunch is an occasion, and we would even go so far to say that it’s what we look forward to the most on the weekends! There are some incredible spots throughout Charleston, allowing you to explore Southern flavors and Southern hospitality at their best. Take a look at our list of the best brunch spots to try when you’re spending time in Charleston, SC. 

Spinach Havarti Scramble at Both Ways Cafe

Must Visit Columbia City Restaurants in Seattle, WA

When we make a trip to Columbia City, one of the south side of Seattle’s most diverse neighborhoods, we love planning to grab breakfast, lunch or dinner at one of the amazing restaurants sprinkled all over this charming area. From classic Italian to the freshest seafood, an outstanding meal is easy to snag by locals and visitors in the area. Check out our list of must try restaurants in Columbia City in Seattle.  

Slightly North of Broad Restaurant in Charleston

Where to Celebrate Your Birthday in Charleston, SC

Charleston, South Carolina offers fun at every turn! We can’t get enough of this southern town with all of its charm. Whether you live here or happen to be visiting, you’ll find that celebrating a birthday is always a good time in this iconic city. Countless venues offer ways to celebrate in style, and we’ve listed a few of our favorites places to celebrate your birthday in Charleston. 


12 Rooftop Restaurants in Nashville With Stunning Views

Nashville is home to good country music, champion sports teams like the Nashville Predators and Tennessee Titans, and killer chicken wings. The city is also home for some stunning views, best enjoyed on higher ground with a meal or drink. Here are some notable rooftop restaurants in Nashville you must try.


14 Restaurants in Downtown Tampa You Definitely Need to Try

Sitting in southwestern Florida, Tampa is home to top-rated white sandy beaches and winning sports teams. Yet, it also harbors top-rated restaurants and incredibly good food for anyone who ventures here. When it comes to some of the best Tampa restaurants, head downtown. Surrounding the Riverwalk, you’ll find everything from a simple sandwich to fancy dishes, top wines, and special cocktails. Whether you prefer sitting inside or outside, you can enjoy the bay view, city view, or a restaurant’s interior artwork, here are some Tampa restaurants downtown to try the next time you visit.


8 Ridiculously Fun Restaurants in Dallas, Texas

There are several restaurants in Dallas you’re going to want to visit for a guaranteed good time! The vibrant and exciting restaurant scene in this world-class city includes many themed restaurants that make it impossible not to enjoy your night out. Besides the relaxed environment, these spots have some truly excellent menus.

poke bowl and sushi burrito from Pokitrition in phoenix az

9 Outstanding AAPI Owned Restaurants in Phoenix, AZ

No matter what cultural background you come from, one thing is certain; food always brings us together. When it comes to food, there aren’t many places in the world that have more diversity in flavors, textures, and ingredients than the Asian and Pacific Islander community. AAPI is an incredibly broad and diverse demographic that spans a massive part of the world, but because of that, the food is absolutely incredible. Here are some of the best AAPI-owned restaurants and eateries in Phoenix.

Truck at Gym Tacos in Raleigh

Where to Eat Near PNC Arena in North Carolina

Whether you’re local to Raleigh, NC or you’re going to the PNC Arena for an event, you want to know where the best restaurants are. You’re likely craving the same things we are – flavor, quality ingredients, and atmosphere. We’ve got recommendations for you for breakfast, lunch, and even a late-night snack after an event at the PNC Arena in North Carolina. 

wenatchee fruitwood smoked ribs from Sharps Roasthouse in Seattle

The Very Best Restaurants Near Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Finding restaurants near the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is easy, but finding ones that offer delicious food becomes a bit more challenging. Whether you’re flying in, flying out, or simply finding yourself in the area, Seattle has some amazing offerings. You’ll find the best of what to eat right around the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in our list below.