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The Top Restaurants in Phoenix, AZ

Cocina Madrigal
Citizen Public House
Toca Madera
Bobby Qs
The Arrogant Butcher
ACG Go Anime Store & Cafe
Oscars Pier 83
The Sicilian Butcher
Wren & Wolf
Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen
By the Bucket
Cook and Craft
Maple and Ash
Sister Helen
The Macintosh
Top of The Rock
Shrimp from Aftermath in Phoenix, AZ
Elote at Cocina Madrigal. A boy smiles in the background, touching the corn husks.
Cocina Madrigal
Casserole from Citizen Public House
Citizen Public House
Salmon, rice, greens, and a mango salad from Toca-Madera
Toca Madera
Beef Flautas from Bobby Q's
Bobby Qs
Toast and a mini salad from The Arrogant Butcher
The Arrogant Butcher
hot spot stew at ACG Go Anime Store and Cafe
ACG Go Anime Store & Cafe
A lobster hoagie from Oscar's Pier 83
Oscars Pier 83
Cheesy meatballs and marinara from The Sicilian Butcher
The Sicilian Butcher
Steak, fried onions and asparagus from OAK
A Sunny-side-up burger from Wren and Wolf
Wren & Wolf
Croissants from Scratch Kitchen
Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen
Baked chicken and seared lemon with thyme from Binkley's
A bucket of chicken and Texas Toast from By the Bucket
By the Bucket
Sushi and sake from Yutaka Japanese Resturant
Beef sliders from Cook and Craft
Cook and Craft
Crab and oyster pasta from Maple and Ash
Maple and Ash
A hotdog, fries, salad, and beer from Sister Helen
Sister Helen
A BBQ plate of ribs, chicken, steak, and sides from The Macintosh
The Macintosh

It may be in the middle of the Sonoran desert, but the incredible restaurant scene in Phoenix is no mirage. Whether you’re looking for elevated approaches to Southwestern dining or the most delicious taco stand in your zip code, there’s plenty of flavor in Phoenix. And don’t forget – Phoenix’s Latino population has exploded over the years, and a growing number of incredible Latin restaurants right along with it. “Stay away from the heat” has more than one meaning in Phoenix.

Speaking of heat, we should begin any conversation about Phoenix food with its incredible Mexican-inspired meals.  With one of the largest Mexican American populations in the US outside of Los Angeles, Phoenix has some of the best tacos, tamales, chimichangas and more in the country.  We cover our favorite Tamales in the area, the best chimichangas in Phoenix and the ultimate Mexican in Maricopa County

If you’ve ever visited Phoenix, you know it’s big – Phoenix isn’t just Phoenix.  It’s Mesa, Glendale, Scottsdale, Tempe, and more.  We created two different guides for Scottsdale – one focused on Old Town and one focused on the whole area – along with Tempe and Downtown, with many more to come.  Our goal is to cover every neighborhood in Phoenix and share the best bites you can find near your neck of the woods.  

Known to be a city full of opportunity, luxury, and good dining; you must sit down and have a good meal. Lined up are the 20 best restaurants in Phoenix, AZ. Treat yourself!

WILD SHRIMP CO. JUMBO SHRIMPS Cascabel chile crisp, sunchoke purée, Marcona almonds, basil vinaigrette from Aftermath Bar & Kitchen in Phoenix, AZ
Aftermath | Photo:

1. Aftermath

1534 E Bethany Home Rd | Phoenix, AZ 85014

Come with the energy, because Aftermath is bringing it. On top of their tasty dinner menu; check out their Wine, Beer, and Cocktails menu to go with your meal. Sure, you’ll be full.. but that’s the AFTERMATH! 


Street Corn from Cocina Madrigal in Phoenix, AZ
Cocina Madrigal | Photo:

2. Cocina Madrigal

4044 S 16th St | Phoenix, AZ 85040

Voted #1 in the US on the Kelly Clarkson show, Cocina Madrigal sure does live up to their name! From crispy salmon to trio tacos, you can’t miss this hot spot. It doesn’t get better than #1!


ACHIOTE CHICKEN Grilled Chicken Breast, Southwestern Hash, Roasted Tomatillo Salsa, Pickled Red Onion from Citizen Public House in Phoenix, AZ
Citizen Public House | Photo:

3. Citizen Public House 

7111 E 5th Ave | Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Award winning plates and drinks, Citizen Public House is a whole vibe. Originally being a speakeasy, that is now an extension of their main restaurant. It’s your choice; privacy or main room dinner. You coming to Dinner to Social Hour? 


PAN SEARED SALMON - hibiscus lime butter, mango salsa, sautéed spinach, cilantro lime rice from Toca Madera in Scottsdale, AZ
Toca Madera | Photo:

4. Toca Madera

4736 N Goldwater Blvd | Scottsdale, AZ 85251

With unique dining and inspiration from traditional Mexican cuisine, this is what Took Madera calls Modern Mexican. Not only are their plates one of a kind, the restaurant itself will blow you away. Let’s go!


Q Rolls - Seasoned beef brisket wrapped in a flour tortilla then deep-fried to a golden crisp served with corn salsa and chipotle dressing from Bobby Q's in Phoenix, AZ
Bobby Q’s | Photo:

5. Bobby Q’s


Voted the best fried chicken in Arizona, you can’t beat that! Bobby Q’s not only offers in house dining, but also delivery and catering. There’s nowhere you can’t have your favorite BBQ. Come check out their various menus… 


The Arrogant Butcher | Photo:

6. The Arrogant Butcher

2 E Jefferson St | Phoenix, AZ 85004

Turning American food into New American dining, the word here is MODERN. The Arrogant Butcher brings comfort food to another level. Grab your favorite people, and come to your new favorite place to eat! 


ACG Go Anime Store & Cafe | Photo:

7. ACG Go Anime Store & Cafe

521 S College Ave Unit 111 | Tempe, AZ 85281

Anime, Asian special beverages and snacks/ desserts?! Sold online and physically, go check out their newly opened storefront! There’s nothing you won’t find here. 


Oscar’s Pier 83 | Photo:

8. Oscar’s Pier 83

18589 N 59th Ave Suite #111 | Glendale, AZ 85308

“Good food. Good cheers. Good times”, that’s the motto they live by at Oscar’s Pier 83. With daily specials to look forward to or even a great a la carte pick, you’re set for a great meal! 


The Sicilian Butcher | Photo:

9. The Sicilian Butcher

15530 N Tatum Blvd | Phoenix, AZ 85032

Meatballs, Ciabattas, Pastas, GALORE! The Sicilian Butcher is the craft meatballs & charcuterie bar you’ve been looking for your whole life. Is it fate?? 


OAK | Photo:

10. OAK

111 E Camelback Rd | Phoenix, AZ 85012

With all meals inspired by global tastes, you won’t find anything other than hand-crafted meals here. OAK is not only a restaurant, it’s a home. Everyone is invited! 


Wren & Wolf | Photo:

11. Wren & Wolf

2 N Central Ave Suite 101 | Phoenix, AZ 85004

Being the perfect spot to meet your friends before a night out or even for a dinner, Wren & Wolf is an example of vibrance. With vibes available for early risers, mid-day outings, and all of the above, you won’t be able to miss this hot spot. 


Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen | Photo: Cheddar’

12. Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen


With casual food to satisfy your comfort cravings, Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen makes all their food from… SCRATCH indeed! Good food at a good price, sounds like a deal to me! 


Binkley’s | Photo:

13. Binkley’s Restaurant

2320 E Osborn Rd | Phoenix, AZ 85016

Not only a restaurant, but an experience. With American cuisines, you get then luxury of a several course meal full of deliciousness. From snacks to entrees, Binkley’s has it all! 


By the Bucket | Photo:

14. By the Bucket 

1420 E Chandler Blvd Suite 101 | Phoenix, AZ 85048

Hot Spaghetti to go? Or even just a bowl of your favorite pasta, you can find all the Italian food you want at By the  Bucket. I know I’m ready to eat!


Yutaka Japanese Restaurant | Photo:

15. Yutaka Japanese Restaurant

751 E Bell Rd #9 | Phoenix, AZ 85022

Looking for Sushi in Phoenix? Yutaka is the place to be. From small plates to sushi rolls to fried rice, we’ll take it all. Let’s get to rolling!


Cook and Craft | Photo:

16. Cook & Craft 

5310 E High St Unit 109 | Phoenix, AZ 85054

Modern, Local, and full of Variation. Cook & Craft doesn’t stop at normal American dining. They have Vegan, Vegeterian, and Gluten-free options. Doesn’t get any better than this!


Maple and Ash | Photo:

17. Maple & Ash 

7135 E Camelback Rd #130 | Scottsdale, AZ 85251
If a steakhouse experience is your ideal night out, you better run to Maple & Ash. With a menu specially made by the chef and a wine list to impress, your wish is coming true here! Run, don’t walk. 
Sister Helen | Photo:

18. Sister Helen

1820 W Northern Ave Suite 140 | Phoenix, AZ 85021
With their motto being keeping it simple, simple doesn’t mean basic! Sister Helen offers not only a Brunch menu, but an All Day one as well. With all your favorites including your sweet tooth cravings, Sister Helen is a safe space for your taste buds. 
The Macintosh | Photo:

19. The Macintosh 

2119 E Camelback Rd | Phoenix, AZ 85016
Known as the neighborhood hangout spot, The Macintosh covers all the bases. Kids’ menu, Main Kitchen, and Happy Hour, all of it! American cuisine and Craft Beer, that’s the norm here! 
Top of The Rock | Photo:

20. Top of The Rock

2000 W Westcourt Way | Tempe, AZ 85282

Located inside of the Marriott, the views are only the first thing that’ll make your jaw drop. With their farm-to-table cuisine, you’ll be wanting to spend the entire night at the Top of The Rock. If you were looking for romance, you found it! 


Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on June 22, 2022 and last updated on August 8, 2022. Please refer to restaurant websites and social media pages for the most up-to-date information.