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American Eats Author Profiles.

American Eats has a team of passionate contributors with a love of food and travel who are always on the hunt for the next great meal. From the historic kitchens of the Southeast to the innovative food scenes of the West Coast to the trendiest restaurants in the Northeast, these gastronomic explorers are hitting the road to share their finds with you. Get to know our talented food writers below.

Trisha Pintavorn

Trisha is a food writer and world traveler with a passion for discovering underrated, hidden gems around the States. Trisha believes that fried chicken in all of its forms is one of the finest foods on the planet. When she’s not out and about exploring new mom and pops in the cities she visits, she’s at home relaxing with her partner Davis and their shih tzu, Gravy.

Jorge Hernandez

Jorge is an experienced media and content professional who manages a large portfolio of restaurant clients and media brands for Bread N’ Butter Content Studio. He’s traveled far and wide and has lived in Atlanta, DC, and NYC, working for Miramax, The Weinstein Company and the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment. Today, in addition to supporting the American Eats content team with delicious takes on Philly cheesesteaks and much more, Jorge oversees Order Up – a turnkey social media solution for restaurants provided by Bread N’ Butter.

Joey Weiss

Joey lives for chicken wings, breakfast burritos, and dumplings; the only thing he loves more than eating them is writing about them. He was born and raised in Atlanta but has traveled to and created food content in countless other cities, from Cleveland to Louisville to Phoenix. When he isn’t on the road, he loves reading history books, cooking new recipes, and playing the drums.

Becca Mamane

Becca has had a long-time passion for both food and travel, so American Eats is the perfect place for her! She lives to explore and take photos and videos everywhere she goes, whether it’s in cool neighborhoods in Chicago or the streets of Denver. When she’s not traveling or taking photos of her food, you can find her hanging out with friends at a brewery, doing yoga, getting stuff done at a coffee shop, or decompressing at home with her cat Mowgli watching some Netflix.

Vivianne Robitu

Vivianne, a passionate food enthusiast and writer, studies marketing at the University of Georgia. Her heart belongs to Indian cuisine, and she’s a self-proclaimed foodie with an insatiable appetite for discovering new and delicious places to eat, especially when it involves curry and naan. When not hitting the books, you’ll find Vivianne hanging out with her one-eyed pirate cat, Meatloaf and finding solace in the pages of a good book.

Angel Jones

Angel has had a love for food since she was a little girl, making American Eats feel like home. Her favorite city’s to explore food treasures are Atlanta, Nashville, and Panama City. When she’s not out ordering banana pudding at every restaurant she can find, she’s hitting up the gym, journaling, going to EDM festivals, or catching up on her latest anime show.