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The Most Popular Brunch Spots in The U.S. [Data Study]

Brunch is back, America! The country is returning to its favorite meal of the weekend and we’ve done research across the entire country and restaurant industry to find out what America loves when it comes to brunch. Chomping on Chicken and Waffles with a Mimosa in Minnesota? Binging on Brioche French Toast with a Bloody Mary in Missouri? We’ve taken a look at America’s favorite Brunch Dish and Favorite Brunch Drink to crown an official American Eats champion, along with America’s favorite brunch restaurant in each of the 50 states.



Everyone has a favorite meal for those post-night-out Saturday and Sunday mornings. We searched far and wide across all 50 states to see how the following dishes stacked up: Chicken and Waffles, Shrimp and Grits, Bagels and Cream Cheese, Brioche French Toast, Pancakes, Dim Sum and Frittata/Quiche. The official champion? America loves a classic – Pancakes are the country’s favorite number #1 dish. Check out the full list below to see the favorite brunch dish in your state, and message us @bestamericaneats on Instagram and Facebook, or @americaneats1 on Twitter to share if you think we got it right.

Source: Google Trends


They call it The Hair of the Dog because rabid dog bites used to be treated by placing hair of the dog in the wound. And after a night out, you might be feeling a little wounded too, from all the drinks you put down the night before. That’s why a drink with brunch is the perfect cure for that hangover headache. We did some digging to see which of the following three drinks America craves the most when it needs a morning tipple – Bloody Mary, Mimosa or Beer – and the official American Eats champ is the Magnificent Mimosa. Champagne and OJ forever! Check out the graphic below to see what won in your state.

Source: Google Trends


Every state of our beautiful union has something special about it – whether it’s majestic mountains, beautiful oceans or vibrant vegetation, there’s something great where you live. After our research, we also found something delicious near you. We’ve combed all 50 states to see which ones you are searching for the most when it comes to brunch in each state. Find our full list below and tell us if you’ve ever visited one, two or more from our list.


Source: Google Trends, Yelp