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The Very Best Breweries in Washington, DC 🍻

Right Proper Brewing Company
pulled pork sandwich with side salad, beer, and wine from right proper brewing company in DC
Right Proper Brewing Company

In a city that is not only rich in culture and heritage, but with a decent sized population of both working class and college-aged citizens, it is no surprise the city holds a handful of notable breweries where one can take a load off and enjoy a few beers with your friends. Whether you’re in search of your next go-to hang out spot or just want to try out some local or national beers, check out our list of the best breweries in Washington, DC.


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Right Proper Brewing Company

624 T St NW Washington, DC 20001
(202) 607-2337

Thinking of a place where you can enjoy fresh green salads, mouthwatering sandwiches, expertly prepared fish, or tantalizing chicken wings and drown all that down with excellent beer? You’re thinking of Right Proper Brewing Company. With good ambiance and service to match, the outdoor dining, food, cocktails, and beer is just what you need for that good evening feeling and bonding with friends. Right Proper is a place for beer and as you would expect, so kids are not welcome for the evening excursion. They are open until late and revelers are almost certainly coming back because of the good experience they get. 


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Red Bear Brewing

209 M St NE Washington, DC 20002
(202) 849-6130

Want to enjoy a quiet evening at a brewery.  While the food is limited, the chicken strips are a must-try. They are open for those who want come with their pup, and there is a great patio just for them. You can play games like cards at the spot and mix and mingle socially with other beer lovers while you drink.


City-State Brewing

705 Edgewood St NE Washington, DC 20017

When you are somewhere close to the Metro station, City State is the place you can drop in and have a drink. There is a well beaten path you can follow to the serene place where this welcoming and friendly spot stands waiting for you. On the menu are your staple brewery food items such as potato chips and barbeque and delicious sandwiches. After you are full, there is plenty of beer to imbibe. There are also board and arcade games once you are done with the food. The place is cool and creative, and it is made well with the full experience in mind.

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300 Tingey St SE Washington, DC 20003
(202) 524-4862

Bluejacket makes beer that crosses both flavor and style. Delicious entrees that you can find for dinner are salmon, oysters, mumbo sauce, and the signature chicken wings. These dishes pair perfectly with their list of available beers, as well. 

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Hellbender Brewing Company

5788 2nd St NE Washington, DC 20011
(202) 827-8768

Hellbender is that chill neighborhood spot everyone knows and loves. Perhaps you are running errands in DC and you want a place within where you can grab a glass of cold beer on the way home and enjoy the experience in a relaxing and accommodating environment. Hellbender has pizza, bbq, cocktails, and of course flavorful beers that are oh so refreshing after a stressful day. As you eat your food and enjoy their beer, there is always great music that ensures the best of times.